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Full & Part Time Cosmetology

Our 1200-hour Cosmetology Program will educate future cosmetologists in the general skills of hairdressing, nail care, skin care, and makeup. The program includes lectures, demonstrations, student practical and theory work, and written and practical evaluations

Our tuition includes all the required kits, books and materials vs. other schools that charge separately.  Financial Aid, Grants and Scholarships are available (to those who qualify) and generally cover most, if not all of the cost of your schooling.  All this information is gone over in a campus tour.

Cosmetology Schedules

Full-Time Schedule

30 Hours Per Week - Aprox 10 Months

Part-Time Schedule

20 Hours Per Week - Aprox 14 Months

Upcoming Class Dates:

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Program Statistics*

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*Program statistics take into account the 2021 academic year with placement rates through November 30th of 2023 as are required by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences.

Our in depth cosmetology curriculum includes all categories to meet the state requirements and prepare you for your licensure exam as well as a successful career in cosmetology. Our tuition covers your entire cosmetology program and includes all your class materials and books including Phase 1 & 2 kits.


Most frequent questions and answers

Cosmetology covers all areas of the beauty industry making you a well rounded individual ready for the work place. Our program consists of 1200 hours and covers things such as:

-Introduction of Salon Management, Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills
-Hair coloring, Styling & Cutting
-Chemical Rearranging
-Facials and Waxing
-Manicuring and Pedicuring

Our cosmetology program is split into 2 phases. The first phase of the cosmetology program, about 300 hours, are spent in class going over theory as well as applying what you’ve learned. Phase 2 is spent on the salon floor working with clients as well as some class work and theory preparing you for your state board exam and your career in cosmetology.

Our cosmetology program is all inclusive. Upon enrollment you’ll receive your junior kit and books. After completing phase 1, you’ll receive your Senior kit which includes all your professional tools and materials. Both your kits along with your books are included in tuition.

As an accredited beauty school you may apply and be eligible for financial aid and grants as well as scholarship opportunities. We also have monthly payment plans available and access to other loan options. You can see if you’re eligible for financial aid by filling out your FAFSA here and entering the school code: 041350

View the different types of financial aid programs here

Cosmetology is a wise career path, which recent studies have shown to offer continued growth regardless of the economy, employment stability, various career opportunities locally and abroad, and a healthy income outlook within this $60 billion industry. More importantly, there is a high and constant demand for professionally trained and licensed cosmetologists. Current beauty professionals are enjoying employment virtually anywhere and everywhere. features former cosmetology students enjoying profitable careers around the world such as an Olympic Hairstylist and record breaking hairstylist.

Not many, if any, professionals can claim 53% of current job openings in their career. Nor can they site reports indicating an average income around $50,000, especially in our current economic status. The National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) Job Demand survey offers many eye-opening statistics favorable for future beauty professionals.

Consider this; everyone from celebrities, CEOs to soccer moms are getting their hair cut, colored, styled and return for the same monthly beauty maintenance throughout the year. A hairstylist, for instance, will always have and find a job just as a nurse or a teacher would in any stable or unstable economy. It’s a valued service that maintains our well-being.

And, in light of the declining economy, several different types of financial institutions are no longer participating in Federal Family Loan Programs. This has allowed many cosmetology schools to offer federal financing directly, making it more accessible and reasonable for future beauty professionals to obtain funding for their cosmetology education. There are several federal financing grants and loans available through the Federal Student Aid program offered by the U.S. Government. These federal grants and loans allow students to confidently secure available funds. Many current college students are pondering whether the career path they are on will be useful or even exist when they graduate in four or more years. Future cosmetologists are confident they will find valuable and stable employment in less time and with an equally beneficial educational experience. Even U.S. News and World Report suggested Cosmetology as a career choice for those changing jobs.

In addition to the job stability and financial opportunities, we have a passion to help others, to make people look their best and see their full potential. Watch the short video below to understand more about why we do what we love.

“As a community of hairdressers, we have more power than we realize.”

Both the full time and part time program covers the 1200 hours cosmetology requirements by the State of Florida. The Full Time program meets for 30 hours a week and the part time Program for 20 hours a week. The Full Time Program takes approx 10 months to complete and the Part Time program 14 months. Each programs covers the same material and same amount of time is spent with clients and in classroom.

Through relationships with local salon owners and industry insiders, we are constantly in the know of salon’s hiring, industry related jobs as well as connections with Salon Headhunters looking for great new talent coming into the field. You can see some of our Job Postings

Program Disclousures

Students graduating on time

87% of Title IV students complete the program within 40 weeks

Program Costs*
$17,650 for tuition and fees
$0 for books and supplies
*The amounts shown above include costs for the entire program, assuming normal time to completion.
Note that this information is subject to change.
Students Borrowing Money
The typical graduate leaves with

$9,500 in debt

The typical monthly loan payment

+/-$100 per month in student loans with an interest rate of 5.05%.

Graduates who got jobs
89% of program graduates got jobs according to the Naccas job placement rate
Program graduates are employed in the following fields:
Licensure Requirements
Program meets licensure requirements in:

Additional Information

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