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Cozmo Beauty School offers a 2 day Microblading Course to the SWFL public for those wanting to start Microblading in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and the surrounding areas or beyond!  Our Microblading classes are open to the public, you do not have to be a student of the school or a licensed cosmetologist, however you will need to take 2 online classes, one for your Tattoo License and another for Blood Bourne Pathogens prior to the class (Note you must be 18 or older to obtain Tattoo License)

Our 2 day Microblading course is taught by a licensed professional permanent makeup artist on either a Sunday – Monday or Saturday – Sunday depending on the schedule for the month.

During the training you will learn about:

  •  Microblading 3D, Hair Strokes and Shading Technique
  •  Proper use of tools and products during the procedure
  •  Practice Safety, Sanitation, and Sterilization
  •  Cover aged Permanent Tattoo markings
  •  Creating perfect symmetry through Shaping method
  •  Assessing numerous skin types and shades for optimum results’


Feb 23-24th

March 9-10th

March 23-24th

(Cutoff is 1 week prior)

*classes are scheduled monthly and are first come first serve with limited seating per session


$2000 (includes kit and material).  $500 deposit required to secure class. Payment in full must be received 1 week prior to class.

Online Payment

Class Date
Name & Phone Number

Financing for 6 months is available through PayPal Credit to those who qualify.  Log into or setup a PayPal account and select PayPal Credit as your payment type. More information/apply here


This course is taught over 2 days:

-Day 1:
Focusses intensely on drawing the perfect hair stroke and grouping.  Also learns the tools of Microblading including the eyebrow pencil and micro blade and working with synthetic skin

-Day 2:
Focusses on the 4 skin types, color theory and how the ink affects the skin and includes live models under supervision.  Please note you will need to provide your own model


Do I need to bring a model?

Yes, you do need a model

We highly encourage you to obtain and bring a model for the training. They would be required to arrive for the 2nd part of training on the 2nd day and will be your client that follows you after for touch ups etc.

What's Included In The Kit?

Training Manual, Pigments, Numbing Cream, Hand Tools, Pen, Blades and more (see full site)

The kit includes: 

-Microblading Training Manual
-2 pigments
-1 numbing cream
-6 hand tools
-1 disposable pen
-6 Reusable pens
-5 blades
-Eyebrow brushes (25 pieces)
-Eyebrow pencil (1 piece)
-Pigment finger rings (25)

-Pigment application sticks
-Pigment holder (1)
-Practice skin
-Eyebrow shaver
-Spear pointed Tips
-Alcohol pads
-Micro Applicators
-Hardshell Case

Are There Additional Costs?

Yes, Tattoo License ($60) & Blood Bourne Training ($45)

Before attending the Microblading course with us you will need to complete an online Blood Bourne Pathogen course ($45) and bring the certificate to us the day of your class. Once you complete the Microblading certification through Cozmo we will then submit your certification with your tattoo license application ($60)

How Much Money Can I Make?

Avg $500 Per Client

The avg cost of Microblading is $500 per client plus touch ups throughout the life. If you were to do just 2 clients a week, that’s $52,000 a year!

Is There A Deposit?

Yes, There is a $500 Deposit

We require a $500 deposit so that we can secure your seat in the class as well as order your kit for the class. This is then applied towards your balance for the training

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