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Cozmo Beauty School Nail Technician Program

180 hour nail technician program

Cozmo Beauty School 9 week, 180-hour Nail Technician Program students will learn the proper techniques for manicuring and pedicuring, including nail shaping, cuticle care, and massage. They will also be trained in applying and maintaining acrylics, dip powders, tips and forms, and gel nails. Nail art techniques such as hand-painting, stamping, and embellishments will also be covered.

The program will consist of a combination of lectures and demonstrations by experienced nail technicians, allowing students to learn the theory behind each technique and observe proper execution. Students will then have the opportunity to practice these techniques in a supervised setting, allowing them to gain hands-on experience and refine their skills.

Throughout the program, students will be evaluated through both written and practical assessments. These evaluations will ensure that students have a solid understanding of the concepts taught and are able to apply them effectively. Feedback will be provided to help students identify areas for improvement and further enhance their skills.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a diploma as a Nail Technician. This certification will demonstrate their proficiency in the various techniques taught and their readiness to enter the industry as a professional nail technician.

What does Nail technician cover?

Our Nail Technician Program aims to provide students with a comprehensive education in nail care and artistry. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience and evaluations, we ensure that our students are well-prepared to pursue a successful career in the nail industry.

Nail Technician covers the nail care area of the beauty industry. Our program consists of 180 hours and covers things such as:

  • Introduction of Salon & Spa Management
  • Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills
  • Basic and Advanced Manicures and Pedicures
  • Nail Products
  • Artificial Nails
  • Nail Art
  • New Industry Trends
  • Sanitation

How do I learn?

Our Nail Technician program is split into 2 phases. This allows students to gain a comprehensive understanding of both theory and practical skills. The first phase, spent in the classroom, provides a strong foundation by covering the necessary theoretical knowledge. This gives students the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned through hands-on learning days.

Moving on to the second phase, students will transition into the client service area. This phase allows them to gain invaluable real-world experience by working with actual clients. This allows our students an opportunity to practice their skills and develop professional communication and customer service abilities. Additionally, incorporating some light classwork in this phase ensures that students continue to expand their knowledge base while gaining practical experience.

What's The Schedule?

Our Nail Technician Program is currently offered as a Part-Time schedule. 

  • Part – Time: 20 hours/week over 9 weeks (Tues – Thurs 5:30pm to 9:30pm & Sat 8:30am to 5:00pm)

What's Included?

Full kit

A full kit is provided as part of the Nail Technician program this ensures that students have all the necessary tools and equipment needed to practice and refine their skills.

Licensed School

Cozmo is licensed and authorized by both the State of Florida and by the national governing body of NACCAS

Real Models

Working on real models during training is another great aspect of our program. This hands-on experience allows students to gain practical knowledge and build confidence in their abilities. By working with real clients, students can also learn how to provide quality service and develop their professional demeanor.

make real money fast

There are abundant career opportunities that can be motivating and reassuring for our students. Graduating in 9 weeks and being prepared to take the state license exam allows our students to enter the workforce quickly and start earning a living doing what they love.

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What's Included with Tuition?

Our Nail Technician program is all-inclusive. This ensures that you have all the necessary tools and equipment needed to practice and refine your skills.

How do I pay?

As an accredited beauty school, you may apply and be eligible for scholarship opportunities. We also have monthly payment plans available and access to additional educational loan options.

do you help find jobs?

Through the relationship with local salon owners and industry insiders, we are constantly in the know of salon’s hiring, industry related jobs as well as connections with Salon Headhunters looking for great new talent coming into the field. You can see some of our Job postings.

Is The Nail technician field a good career?

Florida being in the top five for nail technician employment rate and experiencing job growth in the field is a positive indicator for pursuing a career as a nail technician. The 4.3% growth rate mentioned by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics further suggests that there are opportunities for employment in this field. (

How long does it take to graduate

Our part time program covers the 180 hours Nail Technician requirements by the State of Florida. The part time program meets for 20 hours a week. The part time program takes approximately 9 weeks to complete.

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